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Executive summary

Social Studies, an influencer marketing agency, enhanced internal communication and project management processes through asana with the help of Experience Innovation. This collaboration resulted in a 20% increase in workflow efficiency and facilitated company growth from 12 to 60 employees within a year.

Company overview

Social Studies is an award-winning, internationally recognized, leading influencer marketing agency with divisions that include operations, finance, marketing, sales, and creative, as well as a product unit, a research platform, and a direct mail unit. 

Key results

Achieved a 20% increase in workflow efficiency. 📈

📲 Aligned internal communication, enabling company growth from 12 to 60 employees. 🚀

👏 Enhanced process management, improving team alignment and productivity. 😁

Challenge statement

Social Studies faced a pivotal challenge in scaling their operations. As they expanded, the need for a robust work management system became increasingly apparent—to track and manage work within each department and facilitate seamless collaboration between the remote teams. Recognizing the criticality of streamlined operations and inter-company synergy, they turned to Experience Innovation to assess their workflows, document their processes, and design an Asana system catering to their organizational growth and collaborative needs.

Identified solutions

Experience Innovation provided corporate training and workshops for asana, aiming to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance communication. Solutions identified included:

  • Process documentation sessions for executive, operations, client services, marketing and sales teams.

  • Custom asana workflow development and 12-month change management and adoption support program. 

  • Tailored one-on-one sessions with key leaders to customize Asana implementation.


  1. Process documentation and optimization
    Documented and optimized processes across all departments.


  2. Custom asana workflows
    Developed custom Asana workflows using an agile approach, ensuring workflows matched the flow of value across the organization. Key stakeholders gained visibility into work status and access to real-time data, driving business outcomes.


  3. Change Management and adoption support
    We provided change management and adoption support, aiding organizational growth from 12 to 60 people within a year.


  4. Process optimization and Continuous Improvement
    Optimized and continuously improved key processes to accommodate significant headcount growth and organizational changes.


  5. Internal capacity building
    We built internal capacity to own and maintain workflows and the Asana platform post-engagement.

Social Studies AdWeek Cover award

Experience Innovation's support drove a 20% increase in our workflow efficiency and enabled significant growth as we grew from a headcount of 12 to 60 in less than a year. The team's communication skills, change management, and asana expertise are invaluable.

Jasmin Gac - Managing Director, Social Studies

Lessons learned

The engagement with Social Studies highlighted the followingkey insights and valuable lessons.

Importance of clear communication: The project underscored the critical role of clear and effective communication in technology adoption and change management. Regular updates, transparent processes, and open communication channels helped ensure alignment and fostered a collaborative environment.

Tailored training is essential: Customized training sessions, including one-on-one interactions with critical leaders, proved crucial in successful Asana adoption. Tailored training helped address specific needs and challenges, facilitating smoother transitions and quicker proficiency in the new system.

Scalability and flexibility: The ability to scale processes and workflows was vital as Social Studies multiplied from 12 to 60 employees. The agile approach and continuous improvement framework allowed for flexible adjustments, ensuring the organization's evolving needs were met efficiently.

Building internal capacity: Developing internal capacity to manage and maintain workflows and the Asana platform post-engagement was crucial. This empowerment ensured that Social Studies could sustain improvements and continue optimizing processes independently.

Areas for improvement: It was suggested that Experience Innovation could provide more client-facing materials to help teams independently manage tools and processes after the initial engagement. To improve the level of service delivery we provide, our team took this feedback to heart. It enhanced our training material production process and now offers multi-modal learning materials for every engagement.

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