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Drive Customer Loyalty through Exceptional Service Design

Ready to revolutionize your customer service processes? Our Customer Service Design workshops offer a strategic approach to defining and enhancing customer interactions, improving efficiency, and boosting employee satisfaction.


Tailored for c-suite executives, senior managers, customer service, operations, HR and training, and service designers to work collaboratively in a facilitated session to define current service processes and identify and define actionable opportunities for improvement. 

Map Frontstage and Backstage Activities

Identify and Eliminate Pain Points

Improve Operational Efficiency

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In this two-part workshop, participants will identify and map:

Frontstage Activities

Identify all customer-facing interactions and processes throughout the entire journey.

Backstage Activities

Map the behind-the-scenes activities supporting customer-facing processes.

Support Processes

Outline the essential support processes, technology and resources required to deliver the service.

The workshop process

Image illustrating the 5 Step process we take to create a Service Blueprint

Workshop outcomes

Service Blueprint Developed

Create a detailed service blueprint mapping all customer interactions and supporting activities.

Process Optimization

Identify the gaps and prioritize areas for improvement in your service delivery process.

Actionable Plan

Define a plan to implement and validate your top priority for improving, including defining key metrics.

Who is this workshop for?

C-Level Executives

Develop a deep understanding of your current service processes, align the overall strategic vision and ensure business sustainability.

Customer Service, Operations, HR & Training Managers

Ensure service delivery processes are efficient and effective. Support the optimization of service processes and improve overall customer satisfaction. Develop training programs that equip employees with the skills to deliver exceptional service.

Service Designers and UX/UI Designers

Contribute deep subject matter expertise relevant to the organization and support the creation of intuitive and engaging service experiences.

What can I expect as a participant?

Service Blueprinting

Create a service blueprint outlining your customer's interactions and the supporting activities required to enable the interaction. 

Consistent High-Quality Service

Aligning the various levels of your organization on the service process will ensure consistent and high-quality service delivery across all touchpoints.

Process Optimization

Ideate, define and prioritize potential opportunities to redesign service processes to address pain points and inefficiencies.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Identify and define enhancements to improve customer interactions and create efficient and memorable services that meet and exceed their expectations.

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation headshot

Presented by Alex Jackson
Partner - Experience Innovation Consulting

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation Consulting, brings extensive service design and process optimization expertise. With a proven track record of helping mid-market, government, and mission-driven organizations enhance their customer service operations, Alex leverages deep insights and practical experience to facilitate meaningful sessions and improvements. Participants in Alex’s workshops benefit from his comprehensive approach and dedication to creating exceptional customer experiences.

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