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Black Diamond

Transform Ideas into Actionable Growth Strategies

Ready to explore and prioritize future growth opportunities for your organization? Our Innovation Horizons workshops offer a structured approach to identifying, framing, and planning various types of innovation across different timeframes.


These workshops, designed for executives, senior leaders, and innovation managers, help develop hypotheses and create strategic roadmaps to ensure sustained business success.

Explore Incremental Innovations

Unlock Adjacent Opportunities

Drive Disruptive Change

Create Future-Ready Roadmaps

In this workshop, participants will cover:

Current Capabilities and Market Trends

Analyze your organization’s capabilities, market position, and emerging industry trends to identify potential opportunities.

Innovation Horizons Mapping

Classify ideas as incremental, adjacent, or disruptive, and map them across the three innovation horizons.

Prioritizing and Planning

Prioritize innovation projects based on potential impact, feasibility, and alignment with strategic goals.

An Innovation Spectrum to match business needs in a VUCA world

new innovation spectrum image visualizing 3 continuums of innovation practices

Who is this workshop for?

C-Level Executives

Align innovation initiatives with the overall strategic vision and ensure long-term business sustainability.

Innovation teams, Strategists and
Business Planners

Systematically explore and identify potential innovation projects across different timeframes and develop a comprehensive innovation roadmap.

R&D and Product Development Teams

Identify and contribute to prioritizing product and service innovation opportunities aligned with your organization's strategic objectives.

What can I expect as a participant?

Strategic Alignment

Ensure innovation initiatives align with the organization’s strategic goals and vision, providing clear direction for growth.

Enhanced Agility

Proactively exploring and investing in future growth opportunities will improve your organization’s ability to adapt to market changes and emerging trends.

An Adaptable Roadmap

Contribute to a comprehensive innovation roadmap spanning the three horizons, ensuring sustained competitive advantage.

Balanced Innovation Portfolio

Develop a balanced portfolio of innovation projects, including incremental, adjacent, and disruptive innovations, reducing risk and maximizing opportunities.

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation headshot

Presented by Alex Jackson
Partner - Experience Innovation Consulting

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation Consulting, brings extensive expertise in strategic planning, innovation management, and long-term growth initiatives. With a diverse background in guiding mid-market organizations through transformative growth and experience supporting community innovation program development for Canadian First Nations communities.

Alex leverages structured methodologies to help businesses identify and capitalize on innovation opportunities. Participants in Alex’s workshops benefit from his highly engaging energy, practical insights into technology trends, strategic vision, and facilitated dialogue, intending to help you and your team identify and sustain a competitive advantage.

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