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Executive summary

incrediblebank, a trailblazer in the financial landscape, faced significant challenges within its marketing department with the amount of time and effort sunk into preparing for and delivering annual audits, on top of their regular marketing duties. The existing workflows relied heavily on manual processes and spreadsheets, leading to auditing and strategic planning complications. The fragmented system for referencing historical data further exacerbated these issues, creating inefficiencies and hindering productivity. The Marketing Team engaged Experience Innovation to refine and optimize these workflows using asana, aiming to centralize processes, enhance data accessibility, and streamline operations. The implementation resulted in a more cohesive and efficient marketing operation, significantly improving the department's overall performance and strategic capabilities while measurably decreasing the effort and time required to complete audit reviews and preparation through the development of automation and asana AI.

Company overview

IncredibleBank, headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin, was established in 1967 as River Valley Bank and rebranded in 2009 to reflect its expanded online presence. Operating 17 locations with 247 employees, it is the 15th largest bank in Wisconsin and the 591st largest in the United States.

Known as America’s first online community bank, IncredibleBank offers a robust online banking platform and specializes in high-end motorhome lending and SBA loans. Despite its online expansion, the bank remains committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and maintaining strong community roots.

Key results

  1. Decreased Missed Deadlines: Achieved a significant reduction in late or missed due dates across various stages of the marketing workflow, significantly boosting throughput times and reducing costs associated with missed deadlines and rework.

  2. Enhanced Workflow Clarity: Improved visibility into work status across multiple departments, enabling better tracking and management of tasks.

  3. Optimized Resource Management: Implemented automated resource capacity tracking, identifying production bottlenecks and facilitating smoother operations.

  4. Centralized Information Flow: Consolidated crucial information and streamlined communication with the sales department, improving overall efficiency in the marketing processes.

  5. Improved Employee Satisfaction: Increased employee satisfaction by streamlining tasks and simplifying processes, leading to a more engaged and motivated team. Improved team communication with centralized, transparent workflows, fostering better collaboration and alignment across the marketing department.

  6. Decreased Effort and Risk associated with Annual Audits: The workflows developed in asana leveraged automation and central repositories with structured custom fields, enabling the team to rapidly and easily export the information required to Excel at the click of a button, transforming a process that previously took weeks of multiple team members effort, into a single person job completed in less than an hour. 

Challenge statement

incrediblebank, a leader in the financial sector, faced critical challenges within its marketing department. Tasked with managing a seven-figure marketing budget, the team was responsible for demonstrating measurable results aligned with organizational business outcomes, including new account growth. However, existing workflows depended on manual processes and spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies. The fragmented system for referencing historical data further complicated audits and strategic planning. These challenges impeded productivity and the ability to effectively measure and report on marketing performance, necessitating a streamlined and integrated solution.

Identified solution

asana optimization program

Experience Innovation was engaged to assess and optimize incrediblebank's existing workflows, understand the team's unique needs, and develop a tailored asana system. The goal was to create a solution that resonated with the remote team's culture and working practices, supporting the marketing needs of an organization with 17 branches across 5 states. Special attention was given to addressing the varying regulatory requirements by state, ensuring that the new system was both efficient and compliant. This comprehensive approach aimed to centralize processes, enhance data accessibility, and streamline operations, ultimately driving improved marketing performance and measurable business outcomes.


  1. Assessment and Optimization: Conducted a thorough evaluation of the existing workflows to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Mapped out the current processes and pinpointed areas for improvement.

  2. Custom Asana System Development: Developed a new set of asana workflows that matched the unique needs of incrediblebank's marketing team. This included creating workflows that supported the remote team's culture and working practices while accommodating the specific regulatory requirements of the five states where the bank operates.

  3. Training and Implementation: Provided comprehensive training sessions to ensure all team members were proficient in using asana. This included group workshops and one-on-one training to address specific needs and questions. Additional time was spent working with the designated asana champion, who would take over the instance once the implementation was complete. 

  4. Integration and Automation: Centralized processes and automated routine tasks within Asana to reduce reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets. This integration aimed to streamline operations, improve data accessibility, and ensure consistency across the marketing department.

  5. Continuous Improvement Framework: Experience Innovation facilitated the implementation of a continuous improvement framework to regularly review and optimize workflows based on feedback and evolving needs.

Lessons learned

Comprehensive Training is Crucial: Ensuring all team members receive thorough training on using asana is essential. Tailored training sessions, including group workshops and one-on-one training, help address specific needs and questions, leading to a smoother adoption process.

Customization to Fit Unique Needs: Each organization has its unique culture and working practices. Customizing asana workflows to align with these needs is vital for successful implementation and long-term sustainability.

Automating Routine Tasks: Automating routine tasks within asana reduces reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets. This saves time and improves accuracy and consistency across the organization.

Continuous Improvement and Support: Ongoing support and a framework for continuous improvement are necessary to address evolving needs and optimize workflows regularly. Regular reviews and updates based on feedback help maintain the system's effectiveness.

Internal Champions Facilitate Success: Internal champions or an adoption alliance can drive the adoption process, troubleshoot issues, and reduce reliance on external resources. This internal support structure is critical to long-term success.

Clear Communication is Key: Effective communication throughout the implementation process ensures alignment and fosters a collaborative environment. Keeping all stakeholders informed and engaged helps manage expectations and facilitates smoother transitions.

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