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Are inefficiency and productivity issues hindering your Agency's ability to grow?

Measurably improve your Agency’s efficiency and productivity.

Improve your Agency's processes by applying lean principles, helping you increase profitability, attract and retain top talent, and balance new business with client service. Grow sustainably in a competitive market with our tailored approach to unlocking operational effectiveness.

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Social Studies - Adweek award winners, two years in a row

Social Studies, an international, award-winning influencer marketing agency, enhanced operational efficiencies, internal communications and project management processes through asana with the help of Experience Innovation. This collaboration resulted in a 20% increase in workflow efficiency and facilitated company growth from 12 to 60 employees within a year while achieving key business outcomes.

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What can you expect to achieve?

What Social Studies had to say!

Experience Innovation's support drove a 20% increase in our workflow efficiency and enabled significant growth as we grew from a headcount of 12 to 60 in less than a year. The team's communication skills, change management, and asana expertise are invaluable.

Jasmin Gac - Managing Director, Social Studies

How we co-create success

Assess & Understand

We start by thoroughly assessing your current processes and value streams to identify inefficiencies and growth blockers. This foundational step ensures we have a clear understanding of your agency’s unique needs.

Facilitated Collaboration

Next, we facilitate collaborative sessions with your team to co-create potential solutions. These sessions empower your team, fostering engagement and ownership of the change process.

Measurable Experimentation

We work with you to prioritize the potential solutions and define small-scale experiments to validate the potential. This ensures your most critical issues are addressed first, maximizing impact.

AI Selection & Integration

We identify and integrate AI and technology tools to automate low-value, repetitive tasks. This step frees up your team to focus on high-value, strategic activities, enhancing overall productivity.

Develop Internal Capacity

Comprehensive training sessions ensure your team is equipped to effectively own the new tools. Ongoing support is provided to address any issues and optimize performance.

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Empower your team with our AI selection and development process

We follow the same meticulous approach as our AI Tools Discovery Workshop but on a larger scale. We assess your agency's unique needs, prioritize pain points, and guide the selection, testing, and validation of various AI tools aligned with your desired outcomes and organizational goals. 

Can't find or don't want another solution in your technology stack? We understand, and in these circumstances, we facilitate the development of custom AI agents using Chat-GPT4o to solve even your most complex pain points in a cost-effective, secure, and scalable solution. 

Centralize work, enhance project insights, improve communication, and achieve business goals

Elevate your agency’s performance with our asana Certified Pro consulting services. Centralize your work, gain deep project insights, and enhance team communication while aligning front-line work with key business outcomes, all in a single platform. Achieve your business goals with streamlined workflows and improve collaboration. Let asana be the catalyst for your agency’s success. 🚀

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Vertical asana Solution Partner Certification  badge

Innovation and Change Readiness Assessment

Improving organizational efficiency and productivity while adapting to ever-evolving business conditions is challenging, mentally taxing, and time-intensive. 

We get it.


Let us help you with our 3-week, no-strings-attached Innovation and Change Readiness Assessment. 


Begin with a foundational assessment of your business model, value proposition, innovation horizons, organizational value streams, and pain points. Then, assess your people, processes, and technology stack to determine your readiness for innovation and change.


The three most significant pain points or challenges your organization currently faces that are restricting your growth. For each pain point, we guide the definition of a potential innovation experiment your team can rapidly conduct, identifying feasibility measurably and iteratively. 



*All costs associated with onsite delivery, technology licenses or any other delivery-associated costs are the client's sole responsibility. 

Get started

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How will your solution help improve my agency’s efficiency and productivity?

Our solution enhances your agency’s efficiency and productivity through a comprehensive approach including: 

  1. Assessment and Documentation: We begin by assessing your current processes and documenting value streams. This helps us understand where inefficiencies and blockers exist.

  2. Identifying Pain Points: We work closely with your team to identify and prioritize pain points and growth blockers. This focused approach ensures we tackle the most critical issues first.

  3. Collaborative Innovation Sessions: Our collaborative innovation sessions involve your team co-creating sustainable solutions. This process generates effective strategies and increases team engagement and ownership of the changes.

  4. Implementing Lean Principles: We apply lean principles tailored to your organization’s needs, focusing on eliminating waste and optimizing workflows for maximum efficiency and value.

  5. Technology Solutions Implementation: We identify and implement AI and technology solutions to automate low-value, repetitive tasks, allowing your team to concentrate on more strategic, high-value activities.

  6. Change Management: We guide your team through the change management process, ensuring smooth transitions and minimizing disruption. This helps your team seamlessly adopt new processes and technologies.

  7. Training and Support: Comprehensive training sessions ensure your team can effectively leverage the new tools. We also provide ongoing support to address any issues and optimize performance.

  8. Continuous Improvement Framework: Finally, we establish a continuous improvement framework that enables your agency to make ongoing, incremental enhancements. This ensures sustained efficiency gains and long-term productivity growth.


What are lean principles, and how can they benefit my agency?

Lean principles guide the identification and elimination of waste, improving processes across your organization while enhancing employee engagement by empowering them to identify and experiment with new ways of working.


Will my team need extensive training to use the new AI and technology tools?

We provide comprehensive training sessions tailored to your team’s needs. We aim to enhance your team’s capabilities, smooth the transition, and ensure they can effectively utilize the new tools to boost productivity and efficiency.


How do you customize your solution to fit my agency’s specific needs?

We start by deeply understanding your agency’s unique processes and challenges. Our approach is rooted in design thinking and human-centric design. We prioritize involving your team in co-designing solutions, ensuring they are tailored to your needs. This personalized approach ensures that the solutions identified are practical, realistic, and sustainable.

What results can I expect from implementing your solution?


By implementing our solution, you can expect significant improvements in operational efficiency and productivity. Our continuous improvement framework will help you achieve ongoing gains. Additionally, our ROI calculator will allow you to measure the tangible benefits, showing how lean practices and AI integration directly contribute to your agency’s growth.

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