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Design Exceptional Customer Experiences

Ready to revolutionize the way your organization understands and interacts with customers? Our Customer Journey Mapping & Experience Design workshops offer a strategic approach to visualizing your customer's journey, defining pain points, and designing the best possible experience to foster loyalty and engagement.


These sessions allow senior leaders, customer experience managers, marketing teams, product managers, and UX/UI designers to collaborate and engage in two highly focused workshops. The goal is to provide actionable insights and practical tools to improve every step of the customer journey.

Map Customer Touchpoints

Identify their pain points

Design buyer-centric Solutions

Create exceptional Experiences

In the Customer Journey Mapping workshop, we define:


All your customers touchpoints
Map all customer and organization interaction points across channels and stages of your customer's lifecycle.


Customer emotions
Understand the emotions, thoughts, and level of satisfaction customers experience at each touchpoint in their journey with your organization.


Pain points and opportunities
Identify where the current experience falls short and define measurable opportunities for improvement.

In the Experience Design workshop, we develop:


Empathy Map
Detailed profiles that capture the customer’s needs, emotions, and experiences are developed for the target customer segment.


Define experiments
Define potential experiments to create or enhance your customers' experience and improve their satisfaction.


Service Blueprint

Develop the blueprint outlining the behind-the-scenes processes and resources needed to deliver the desired customer experience.

Who is this workshop for?

Executives and Senior Leaders

Leaders seeking to deepen their understanding of their customers' journeys and align the organization's key initiatives with improving the customer's experience to enhance market positioning, competitive advantage, and brand loyalty.

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Customer Success Teams

Align your marketing and sales efforts with your customer service and success teams to ensure that all teams meet your customers' needs and expectations throughout their journey.

What can I expect as a participant?

Deep Customer Insights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, including emotions, needs, and pain points, leading to more informed decision-making.

Collaborative Environment

Engage in dynamic discussions and collaborative activities to foster innovative thinking in a creative and exploratory setting.

Experienced Facilitation

Led by a seasoned expert with a deep understanding of design thinking, customer experience and strategic design for mid-market organizations.

Comprehensive Materials

Receive detailed documentation and materials, enabling immediate experimentation to improve your customer experience.

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation headshot

Presented by Alex Jackson
Partner - Experience Innovation Consulting

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation Consulting, specializes in customer experience management and strategic design. With extensive experience guiding mid-market organizations through the complexities of customer journey mapping and experience design, Alex leverages over a decade of experience and practical methodologies to help businesses create exceptional customer interactions. Participants in Alex’s workshops benefit from his strategic approach, positive, engaging demeanour, and willingness to ask tough questions and guide participants as we "dig deeper" to uncover root causes.

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