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Explore AI Tools in a Risk-Free Environment

Ready to explore artificial intelligence's transformative potential in your organization? Our AI Tools Interactive Discovery workshop offers a hands-on, secure environment for your team to experiment with AI tools tailored to your business needs.


Designed for executives, senior leaders, and senior managers within mid-market companies, this workshop provides practical demonstrations and facilitated discussions to identify AI applications that drive strategic value.

Gain insights into how AI can revolutionize your business processes and strategy

Engage in practical, interactive sessions with pre-populated data tailored to your industry

Identify and prioritize sustainable AI applications aligned with your business goals

Experiment with AI tools in a secure environment without impacting your live systems

In the AI Tools Discovery workshop, you and your team:


Experiment with relevant tools
Aligned with your needs and desired use cases. During your pre-workshop consultation, you identify a list of tools you want to try.


Learn interactively

Participate in a 2-hour hands-on session with pre-populated data and tailored scenarios, ensuring complete security and relevancy.


Identify viable use cases
Conclude by identifying potential AI applications, assessing benefits and risks, and possible adoption pathways.

Who is this workshop for?

Executives and Senior Leaders

Executives and senior leaders gain a hands-on learning experience to discover the strategic potential of AI tools, seeing the magic in real time.

IT Professionals

Assess the technical feasibility, benefits, and risks associated with the requested AI tools and explore practical use cases for daily operations.

Senior Managers

It is ideal for managers overseeing essential business functions seeking to assess the feasibility and benefits of AI tools in their areas of responsibility.

What can I expect as a participant?

Customized Learning

Receive tailored demonstrations and try use cases relevant to your industry and business needs.

Risk-Free Exploration

Experiment with AI tools securely without initiating platform trials or providing system or data access.

Interactive and Engaging

Insightful discussions and engaging activities designed to help you and your team define your customer segments.

Strategic Alignment

Align AI's problem-solving potential with your organizational goals through facilitated discussion.

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation headshot

Presented by Alex Jackson
Partner - Experience Innovation Consulting

Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation Consulting, brings extensive expertise in AI implementation and strategic planning. With a background in diverse industries, Alex has successfully guided organizations through the complexities of adopting AI technologies, ensuring safe, practical application and sustainable growth. His approach combines deep technical knowledge with a strategic focus, providing participants with the insights needed to harness AI’s full potential.

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