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Executive summary

Atlantic Lottery transformed its campaign and project management landscape by implementing asana, moving from a fragmented and informal system to a centralized, transparent, and efficient workflow. This transition led to significant operational improvements, including a 50% ROI, over $60,000 in efficiency gains, and enhanced team collaboration, demonstrating the strategic impact of asana's adoption.

Company overview

Atlantic Lottery Corporation, an essential entity in the regulated gaming sector, confronted operational inefficiencies that stifled its growth and productivity. Asana was selected for its potential to enhance AL’s work management processes and foster a culture of measurable efficiency and collaboration.

Key results

Team member satisfaction managing work before asana = 2.1 / 5


Team member satisfaction using asana to manage their work = 3.6 / 5


Satisfaction with Experience Innovation Implementation & Change Services = 4.4 / 5


Leadership overall satisfaction with Experience Innovation Consulting = 4.1 / 5

Challenge statement

Before asana, Atlantic Lottery faced challenges impacting the timely delivery of campaigns:

  1. Lack of Cohesion:

    • Executing campaigns and associated tactics was challenging due to varying and unclear processes, leading to inconsistencies.

  2. Communication Breakdowns: 

    • ​Multiple communication channels resulted in delays and misunderstandings.

  3. Fragmented Work Management:

    • Reliance on Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for task management, created last-minute work requests and missed deadlines. 

Solution validation

Pilot Project

The journey began with a pilot involving the Creative, Martech, and Email Marketing teams to validate Asana’s potential. Success was measured by reduced missed email sends, improved project visibility, and streamlined creative request intake.

The successful pilot project evolved into a department-wide asana implementation. 

asana implementation

Full-Scale Rollout

Following the pilot’s success, we conducted a phased rollout:

  1. Discovery and Planning: The initial phases involved understanding and documenting current workflows, defining a change vision, and conducting impact assessments.

  2. Adoption and Support: Lean workflows were developed, coaching included group and 1:1 training, and visual aids, FAQs, and training videos were created. The change initiative was managed via a digital change board to facilitate communication and support.

  3. Agile Implementation: Development efforts were prioritized and executed in two-week sprints, focusing on building and refining asana-based workflows for campaign management, tactic execution, sponsorships, digital signage, and processing winners.

  4. Incremental Improvement: A continuous improvement framework was implemented to capture front-line innovations directly from employees managing work in asana daily. The ROI calculator was deployed to capture team member efficiencies as they transitioned into their new workflows within asana.


The implementation of asana has led to the following:

  1. Operational Efficiencies:

    • These are quantified by over $60,000 in savings and a 240% platform ROI, excluding implementation costs.

    • More than 30 team-suggested workflow improvements were implemented in the first quarter of the continuous improvement framework's deployment.

  2. Improved Workflows:

    • Enhanced visibility and streamlined processes improved the team's work management experience.

  3. Cultural Shift:

    • Increased cross-functional collaboration and communication, fostering a more cohesive organizational environment and notably supporting the refinement and growth of the digital marketing function at Atlantic Lottery.

Lessons learned

The experience highlighted the value of continuous feedback and the need for ongoing training in technology adoption.


Plans for asana usage at Atlantic Lottery include further optimizing workflows and processes, expanding its application across the organization where appropriate and desired, and reporting on efficiency improvements every quarter by improving workflow processes.

Marketing Delivery Lead

“Alex has a natural way of teaching and facilitating sessions. I especially found his ability to understand processes and workflows from individuals from all different backgrounds that he never worked in before fascinating. He has abilities to take a pile of information and turn it into both simple and complex process charts and workflows within Asana. I was very fortunate to have this time to learn off Alex and grow my own skills.”

Campaign Manager

“Alex was great at documenting meeting takeaways and putting them into action. He's very skilled at keeping everyone focused on the purpose of the meeting which helps with efficiency. He did a great job at helping us outline and document processes.”

Marketing Director

“Alex was very thorough and detailed in the setup, took the time to understand the different project needs and objectives. And, he was just an overall upbeat, positive person to connect with.”

Vice President

“Alex was an asana SME. He worked to understand how our business operated, our processes, as well as our teams members before solutioning.”
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