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your asana investment

Take your asana usage to the next level with our Optimization services.

Designed for organizations already using asana, this service focuses on refining your existing processes and optimizing your current usage to unlock new levels of productivity and collaboration while demonstrating a measurable ROI.

Work Colleagues optimizing asana

Maximize benefits from asana's features

Integrate asana AI and boost productivity

Gain clear insights into the status of work

Accelerate the pace of adoption

Boost your platform ROI

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A few words from our clients

Kim Kohlbeck

Marketing Manager, incrediblebank

Alex was amazing and very professional to work with!  He helped our entire marketing team in streamlining our ASANA platform.  I would highly recommend him.

Your asana optimization process

Transform your existing asana setup with our Optimization service. Our tailored approach enhances efficiency, deepens your team's platform expertise, and ensures you achieve measurable ROI, driving your team's productivity and alignment with strategic goals.

Here's how we guide you to maximize your ROI:

  1. Assessing Current Usage: We comprehensively evaluate how asana is utilized across your organization. This assessment identifies high-impact practices and areas where your team can leverage additional features or benefit from workflow optimizations.

  2. User Feedback Sessions: Through detailed discussions with team members who regularly use asana and those who don't, we gather insights about their experiences, perceived benefits, and any obstacles they encounter. This step is critical to ensure the optimization efforts directly address user needs.

  3. Strengthening Your Adoption Alliance: We either help establish or strengthen an existing adoption alliance by including influential team members who can champion the optimization process. This group plays a vital role in driving the adoption across the organization.

  4. Refining Guidelines and Metrics: We refine existing guidelines and ensure measurable metrics align with your strategic objectives. This framework directs the optimization efforts and enables ongoing tracking of asana's impact.

  5. Revisiting and Reinforcing the 'Why': We facilitate workshops to clarify and reinforce the strategic reasons behind using asana, ensuring that all levels of the organization are aligned and motivated to use asana to its full potential. Key stakeholders are engaged as champions to help communicate the "why" to a broader audience and set the expectations around adoption and usage, ensuring clear direction is provided and aligning the team across the adoption curve. 

  6. Workflow Optimization: We analyze documented workflows, support capturing any missing or outdated documents and guide the application of lean practices to streamline operations and reduce inefficiencies. This includes adjusting asana configurations to meet the needs of your teams better.

  7. Managing the Change Experience: Leverage asana to manage your team or organization's change experience in your asana instance. Communicate and socialize current experiments, the desired outcomes, and the status of the optimization efforts.

  8. ROI Calculator: If your team is not currently calculating an ROI for asana, we provide the tools and support to measure efficiency gains, cost savings, and productivity increases, helping to quantify the value added through optimization.

  9. Refining Workflows: Based on the initial assessments and feedback, your internal team can refine your asana workflows or outsource the work to our team, ensuring optimized daily operations and work management, ensuring clarity and efficiency.

  10. Deepening Platform Expertise: We focus on increasing your team's technical proficiency with asana, expanding their ability to use advanced features, developing more robust workflows and dashboards, and pursuing innovation opportunities to boost productivity, access to key information, and speed to action.

  11. Dynamic Performance Monitoring: We guide you in establishing regular monitoring practices to adjust asana usage based on ongoing feedback and usage patterns, ensuring the platform meets operational demands and effectively supports strategic initiatives.

  12. Continuously Improving: We guide integrating a systematic approach to continuous improvement using asana as a central tool. This process involves tracking improvements, prioritizing innovative ideas, measuring the impact of implemented changes, and fostering a culture of ongoing development.

Asana consulting solutions

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