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Orchestrating Operational Elegance

Client logo, Assouline

Assouline, an emblem of cultural sophistication in the publishing industry, confronted a significant challenge: a convoluted production process marked by disparate information streams and fragmented workflows.

Client logo, incrediblebank

Refining Marketing Operations at incrediblebank

incrediblebank, a trailblazer in the financial landscape, faced a pivotal challenge within its marketing department. Existing workflows relied on manual processes and spreadsheets, complicating the audit and strategic planning due to a fragmented system for referencing historical data.

Harmonizing Operations for MicroDrive & Social Studies

Client logo - Social Studies
Client logo - microDrive

MicroDrive and Social Studies, two rapidly growing SaaS companies under the umbrella of the same venture capital firm, faced a pivotal challenge in scaling their operations. As they expanded, the need for a robust work management system became increasingly apparent—to track and manage work within each company and facilitate seamless collaboration between the sister entities.

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