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We seek to understand your team's needs deeply. Collaborating closely, we guide the implementation and adoption of purpose-built solutions specific to your unique challenges. Our objective is to set you on a path of enduring success, where continuous innovation is not just an initiative but a culture.



Navigate the maze of organizational change with an eye on measurable growth and efficiency. Our approach, rooted in neuroscience and human-centricity, is tailored to meet the unique needs of Go-To-Market teams and their C-suite stakeholders.


We follow a contextual approach and apply only the appropriate change elements to your situation. Blending a deep understanding of your organization's needs and aspirations with your people's attitudes, perceptions and mindsets. Change is co-created and implemented using a scalable and measurable framework.

We offer change management support for

  • Individuals

  • SAAS Implementations

  • Projects and Initiatives

  • Enterprise-wide Changes 

  • AI tool adoption 

Change Assessments start at $2,500

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Innovation workshops
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Our focused workshop rapidly identifies actionable innovation opportunities within your current operations. We use targeted exercises to uncover areas for quick wins and immediate value, ensuring you can move swiftly to capitalize on these opportunities for competitive advantage.


Innovation Workshops offered

  • Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Design

  • Innovation Opportunities Workshop

  • Innovation Landscape Workshop

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Customer Experience Design Workshop
  • Customer Service Mapping

  • Service Design Workshop

  • AI Tools - Interactive Discovery Workshop

  • Process and Value Stream Documentation Workshop

  • Process and Value Stream Optimization Workshop

Innovation Workshops start at $3,500

All workshops are a minimum of 3 hours in length and are designed to be highly interactive. 

We provide on-site and digital workshops using Miro and Zoom. 

Lean Coaching


Improving productivity requires improving engagement and evolving our leadership approaches to meet current and future circumstances. 

Lean practices require an organizational shift in mindset across all levels
 to be effective. To help facilitate this mindset shift, a minimum viable change approach is followed, evaluating both qualitative and quantitative metrics to understand the value of the change and your team's level of adoption.

Our approach guides your team towards your goal of establishing a culture of efficiency and excellence. Value stream mapping and waste elimination, Shingo's principles of organizational excellence, married with deep respect and understanding of the people completing the work daily, guide the actions taken.

All Lean practice engagements start with a conversation to better understand your current situation, aspirations, and challenges. 

Reach out to get started!

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Elevate your content game by making Jasper an indispensable member of your team. We facilitate the integration of Jasper into your daily operations, enhancing the quality and efficiency of your content creation across marketing, sales, and customer service. Concurrently, we support your team as they evolve as strategic thinkers, coaching and leading Jasper.

Maximize Jasper's impact with measurable ROI

  • Use-case brainstorming workshop

  • Current use audit and recommendations

  • Implementation, change, and adoption support

  • Coaching and educational workshops

  • Process development and documentation

  • Educational material development

  • Prompt Library design

  • Jasper Model training

  • ROI & efficiency calculator development

Workshops and assessments start at $2,500



Our approach provides you with a lean, purpose-built system capable of scale. Reporting is established to provide deeper insights into initiative & project deliverables and timelines with a clear understanding of resource allocation.

Coaching, adoption, and education guide every interaction. Your team owns the workflows and systems they use daily. We collaborate closely with your team to co-design a way of work everyone comprehends, with a clear understanding of how their work aligns with organizational objectives. 

Continuous Improvement practices are woven into the system, allowing small innovations to be recognized by your team and implemented quickly.

Maximize the ROI of your Asana investment

  • Asana Audit & Recommendations

  • System design and technical architecture planning

  • Implementation, change, and adoption support

  • Coaching and educational workshops

  • Process documentation and educational material development

  • ROI & efficiency calculator development

Workshops and assessments start at $4,000

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