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Headshot of Bryan Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation


His career is marked by a strong commitment to fostering cultures of continuous improvement, ensuring every team member is integral to the system's overall success.

A skilled Lean practitioner, Bryan's strategies are grounded in the Toyota Management Principles, advocating for growth-oriented, dynamic environments. He is a seasoned leader, effectively managing teams of up to 2400 individuals, instilling an organizational culture where innovation, continuous improvement, and empowerment are part of the daily ethos.

In his role at Experience Innovation, Bryan is dedicated to delivering customized, impactful solutions. He understands the importance of aligning people, processes, and technology and is adept at integrating AI and ML technologies to streamline business processes, enhance predictability, and boost performance.

Bryan's consultancy approach is transformative, focusing on reshaping operational frameworks and nurturing the core of every organization—its people. His vision, expertise, and pragmatic approach make him a valuable asset in business innovation and change.

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