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Headshot of Alex Jackson, Partner at Experience Innovation


Bringing over a decade of experience, Alex has been instrumental in leading pivotal sales, marketing, and customer success initiatives, propelling business growth and modernization.

A people-first strategy is central to Alex's approach, aligning people’s skills, strengths, and interests with systems and processes to foster collaborative success and innovation. Recognized for an inclusive and results-oriented leadership style, Alex excels in system design and change management, with a solid commitment to lifelong learning. His extensive certifications portfolio, including Applied Neuroscience for Leadership and Lean Change Management, underscores his comprehensive approach to fostering adaptive and thriving organizational cultures.

A standout aspect of Alex's expertise is his proficiency with Asana. With over a decade of experience implementing and supporting Asana adoptions, Alex has a proven track record of optimizing workflows, enhancing team collaboration, and driving productivity across various organizational sizes and structures. His deep understanding of Asana's capabilities allows him to tailor solutions that align with your unique business needs, ensuring a smooth and successful digital transformation journey.

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